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Chapter 5. Supplementary Provisions
Article 84.
     The Civil Servant Work Act shall apply to the mayors of special municipality, magistrates/mayors, and mayors of township/city. In the event of unlawful actions, neglect of duties, or other actions of negligence, stipulations on the disciplinary sanction of political appointees shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Article 85.
     Remuneration of the employees of the Provincial Government, Provincial Consultative Council, councils of the special municipality, governments of the special municipality, county/city councils, county/city governments, township/city councils, and township/ city offices shall be in accordance with the Public Functionaries Remuneration Law and central government laws and regulations.

Article 86.
     A judicial person may be formed to handle properties during the Japanese occupation acquired by villages or properties donated by the private sector.

Article 87.
     After the promulgation of this Act and prior to the formulation and amendment of the relevant laws and regulations, existing laws and regulations not contradictory to this Act shall remain in effect.

Article 88.
     This Act shall come into force from the date of promulgation.