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Hualien County Emblem
1. The county emblem of Hualien is a lotus, emerging unstained from the filth, which symbolizes purity and reflects beautiful Hualien. The emblem is surrounded with red letter “hua”[1] making the white lotus[2] stand out in the middle, implying the county name of Hualien.
2. The thirteen petals of lotus represent the thirteen townships within Hualien County.
3. The emblem in red, blue, and white colors resonates with the colors of our national flag, reflecting the blue sky with a white sun on the red earth, representing the bright sunlight shining on Hualien and symbolizing a brighter future of prosperity.

[1] "Hua" means flower in English
[2] Lotus is pronounced as "lian-hua" in Mandarin
County emblem of Hualien(view the full size image in the new window)