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Hot Activities2019/03/13

Tunnel of Nine Turns

Tunnel of Nine Turns(view the full size image in the new window)

Going west from the Jinheng Park, you will arrive at the Zhuilu Cliff, with an altitude of 1,660 meters, which is magnificent and intimidating. Moreover, the bald cliff makes the rocks look even more intricate and grim, and you feel awe when looking up at them. Above the cliff, the sky is blocked by the mountains, and only a very slight gap is open to sunlight because the width is so narrow. Thus, it is named “a seam of the sky”. The route of the highway was excavated into the cliff, and it created many devious turns; hence, it is called the “Tunnel of Nine Turns”. When driving through the tunnel, sometimes it is totally dark and other times you can glimpse some sunlight. Ex-Taiwan Governor Mr. Huang Jie once made an inscription to depict the tortuous course and men's determination to conquer the nature. The combinations of the daunting beauty of nature with the stately construction of man-made tunnels and roadway are indeed a sight you do not want to miss.