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date 2022/11/29 Tuesday

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Hot Activities2019/03/13


Tianxiang(view the full size image in the new window)

Driving across the Zhihui Bridge, verdant forest gardens and several buildings, and a tall and eye-catching sign which writes “Tianxiang” with large bold letters erected in front of the bus station all appear before your eyes. Tianxiang was used to be called “Tabiduo.” a site inhabited by the Atayal tribe. Tianxiang is situated at the confluence of the Dasha River and the Tacijili River. It is a wide river terrace surrounded by mountains and a holding valley in the middle. This place is really tranquil and beautiful. During the Japanese colonization period, it was the administration, economy and culture center of the cabinet. However, after completion of the Central Cross-Island Highway, it has become a rest stop for travelers. This area has bus station, Tianxiang Youth Center (Hostel), Wen Tian-Xiang Monument, Meiyuan Garden (Plum Garden) and Fuyuan Garden. It is a good place for relaxing, taking a stroll or enjoying the plum blossoms. Two kilometers away from Tianxiang is the Wenshan Hot Springs. The stone stairs by the side of the Taishan Tunnel in front of the Wenshan Hotel leads down to the river valley where the hot springs gush from stone cracks. The water quality is very good, and since the hot springs flow out throughout the year, it forms a pond gradually. Although the water is hot and limpid, it is not developed. Otherwise, it would become another hot scenic spot for Tianxiang.