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Hot Activities2019/03/13

Changchun Shrine

Eternal Spring Shrine

Changchun Shrine(view the full size image in the new window)

The first scenic spot of Taroko Gorge is Changchun Shrine which is approximately 2.5 kilometers away from the monumental archway of East-West Cross-Island Highway at Taroko. At first, you will find a bridge called Chunhui Bridge, and walking along the slope from the left side of the bridge will lead you to the secluded Changuang Temple. Changuang Temple is a four-floor building constructed majestically, and you can enjoy panoramic view of beautiful landscapes from the top of the building. Down from the creek valley is the Gourd Valley, a place for BBQ and swimming. After crossing the Chunhui Bridge and going forward, you will arrive at the Changchun Bridge, and by following the trail and you will see a temple, called Mituoyan, within the cave. The quiet and tranquil atmosphere will erase all your earthly troubles. Keep walking down the path and pass by the waterfall, Changchun Shrine is right there. It was built in remembrance of workers who died in accidents while excavating the Central Cross Island Highway. The shrine with red walls and yellow shingles is surrounded by verdant pines and cypresses, facing the wide riverbed and the soaring waterfall; such ambiance will make you feel calm and relax.
Climbing the “stairway to heaven” from Changchun Shrine, it will bring you to the Taroko pavilion. Standing in front of the pavilion and looking around, you can see continuous mountain ridges and precipitous rocks and cliffs. While listening to the roaring waterfall and the gurgling stream and feeling the mountain breeze, you may just relax and enjoy being a part of this beautiful scenery.